Ivy van Oostrum

1 January 2009 a European import ban was pronounced on dog and cat fur, but the dog and cat fur is still coming to Europe as imitation fur.

The dog and cat fur is processed with chemicals like teflon and polymers; a plastic layer is put on the fur, the fur gets shaved and colored so you can no longer see or feel that you're dealing with real fur. This treated dog and cat fur is labeled as faux fur or fake fur.

Checks with different authorities at customs showed that there is hardly any control that takes place in compliance with the import ban. It is not important enough for the budget, thus making the ban massively violated.

Articles with dog and cat fur are tempting to consumers, because dog and cat fur is many times cheaper to manufacture than real imitation fur...

And we, consumers? We think we do well to wear and buy fake fur fabric, but in reality we buy the fur of dogs and cats skinned alive and help in all innocence to keep these practices going on. Practices which go further than fur. Dog and cat skins are also processed in leather products like shoes and bags and gloves. Stop dog and cat fur is fighting against these products as well.

Stop these disgusting practices and fight with us!

Ivy van Oostrum
Founder of “Stop dog and cat fur”