European Import ban

Since a few years there is a discussion in the Dutch Parliament about an import on ban on dog- and cat fur. Especially The Socialistic Party (SP) and The Green Party (Groen Links) did a strong appeal since 2004 for a national import ban. In January 2009 there finally came an established import ban on dog- and cat fur. The law prohibits import and so they prohibit the trade in or selling of dog and cat fur. That is a good development: So the law is at our side, but how is that law being maintained?

The law gets barely maintained

Now there is a import ban for the European Union you should expect that customs is checking for the presence of dog- and cat fur or checking for items that are the fabricated with dog- and cat fur or leather . But checks like that are rare, the Asians know that and are offering the forbidden articles to the market as made from or with Imitation fur. The skins of dogs-and cats are treated chemically, shaved and dyed in such a fashion that it doesn’t look like real fur anymore. On top of that the products get misleading labels or are not labeled at all.

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